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Everything You Need To Know About Oil-To-Cream Cleansing

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of cleansers can be tricky even for well-informed beauty enthusiasts. Figuring out the best product for your specific needs when new products come to the market every year is just as difficult. There are so many factors to consider, from your skin type to all the different formulations out there. However, there is a new class of cleansers on the market that performs a dual role. If you’re yet to give oil-to-cream cleansers a try, then now might be the time. Below, we share the stuff you need to know about oil-to-cream cleansers and how to integrate them seamlessly into your skincare routine.

Get To Know Oil-To-Cream Cleansers

Just as the name suggests, this type of cleanser comes in oil form and changes into a creamy lather when you massage it into your skin. Oil and cream cleansers work at different levels to purify your skin of impurities and makeup residues. Using this two-in-one product means you’re receiving the double benefit of cleansing and hydrating your skin. The result is clean skin with a silky-smooth texture.

The Benefits Of An Oil-To-Cream Cleanser

Are you still unsure about whether you should start using a dual cleanser? Here are some of the benefits that might just convince you to give it a go!

Gentler On Your Skin

Ordinary cleansers may leave your skin dry and parched after use. These cleansers strip the natural moisture from your skin. An oil-to-cream cleanser is gentler, especially if you have dry, mature or sensitive skin. Typical ingredients include jojoba oil and other formulations which prevent tugging on the skin during use.

No Need For Makeup Remover

Wearing makeup all day results in an icky mixture of makeup, sweat and dead skin cells. Removing these pore-clogging impurities from your skin before going to bed helps prevent breakouts.

An oil cleanser excels at absorbing oils from your skin, breaking up products and absorbing them, ensuring you have spotlessly clean skin when you gently wipe it all away. For best results, massage a generous amount into your skin so that it melts away any makeup, dirt, buildup and sunscreen.

Better Than Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is another technique that purifies your skin and uses two different products instead of just one. The first product applied during double cleansing is an oil cleanser that, as we’ve seen, draws out all impurities from your skin. Next, you use a rinse-off cleanser to wash away oil and residues. With an oil-to-cream cleanser, you can save space in your cupboard and get superior results because you use only one product. The oil removes impurities while the cream hydrates and reintroduces moisture into your skin.

How To Use The Dual Cleanser For Superior Results

Your first job is to choose the right dual cleanser for your skin type. You could get advice from your dermatologist or skincare expert, or you could just try out a few before deciding what works best for you.

You want to start by using the oil-to-cream cleanser as part of your morning routine. That way, you create a fresh, clean and nourished base for your makeup. Use a generous amount to saturate a cotton pad. If you’re eco-conscious, then you probably have a few of the reusable cotton pads.

Wipe the cleanser-soaked pad across your face in a massaging motion. Keep going until the oil turns into a creamy lather before rinsing your face thoroughly. Use the cleanser again to remove makeup at nighttime. If you work out regularly, then you will also need to use the dual cleanser after your workout.

If you’re not quite ready to start using an oil-to-cream cleanser, you could always pick a gentle cream cleanser for daily use. Cream cleansers perform the cleansing function without drying out your skin. The result is a smoother-looking, softer complexion.

One beauty hack you might not be aware of is to use the dual cleanser as a shaving aid. Just apply as usual, massage until it lathers and (drumroll) you have just prepared your skin for shaving! 


We’ve all had nights when we just couldn’t be bothered with taking off makeup, right? Next thing you know, you wake up with streaky pillows and looking like a child has drawn on your face. Cleansing every night to remove makeup is an essential part of a skincare routine. Double cleansing gives noticeably better results, but oil-to-cream cleansers are the gold standard. A single product delivers fresher, cleaner and softer skin, preventing breakouts while hydrating your skin too.

Vinci Aesthetics can help with every aspect of skincare, from helping you find the right products for your routine, to professional aesthetic treatments. Show your skin some love and book your complimentary consultation to talk all things skincare today!


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