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How Does Soy Work For Skincare And What Are Its Benefits?

With beauty brands constantly putting out new ingredients, customers sometimes have difficulty deciding which ones to get. Choosing your product is an important decision, as some of these substances can do more harm to your skin than good. It’s definitely worth taking the time to establish what it is you are applying to your skin. Here’s some good news:  recently, one ingredient has been making waves in the industry for all the right reasons. We’re talking about soy!

Soy As Your Skin’s New Best Friend

You’ve probably consumed soy in one of its various forms at least once in your lifetime. It’s a versatile product. Health experts recommend it as a substitute for protein. It’s also a dairy alternative, and many people recognise it as the most widely cultivated legume.

The nutritional health benefits of soybean are well-established, therefore, and nutritionists recommend including it in your diet. Interestingly, though, soy has been getting rave reviews for an entirely different reason. It has emerged as an important skincare ingredient.

What makes it a popular pick among skincare enthusiasts, then? Read on to find out why it’s staking a claim to be your skin’s new best friend.

Soy Works Against Sun Damage

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are an inescapable fact of life. No matter what you do to protect yourself against them, it just seems never enough. Being exposed to the sun’s rays can lead to the development of sunspots. Sunscreen offers us some protection against the sun’s damage, but it’s not the only show in town. Soy can also help in the battle against sun damage. Soy’s antioxidants are a great antidote to the damage caused by UVB light. So, while you should always apply sunscreen before you go outside, you should also have some soy amongst your skincare products.

Soy Brings Your Skin Back To Life

Ageing is an inevitable process. All of us get older, and our skin shows the signs of the passing years. These signs come in the form of discoloured and dark spots and a lack of skin elasticity. Added to the problem is the issue of unstable hormones. In women, estrogen levels tend to go down, which results in tired-looking skin. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to take action.

Soybean oil, soy juice and mashed soybean are all useful products to have on your shelf in these circumstances. Soy helps with estrogen fluctuations. It doesn’t have to be used in topical form and can, instead, be taken as a dietary supplement.

Soy Works Well With Poor-Quality Skin

Soy can help with skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation or rosacea. Soy improves the quality of your skin by soothing and calming any redness and discolouration. It will moisturise your skin as well, leading to an overall healthier and fresher complexion. Those with sensitive skin will be glad to learn that soy doesn’t contain strong chemicals that might irritate your skin further.

Soy Guarantees Your Skin Is Hydrated

Moisture retention is an essential aspect that most people overlook when choosing a skincare item. The good thing is that soy has that, along with occlusion. This means that soy ensures minimal water loss, especially on the topmost layers. Soy contains linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that plays a role in the production of ceramide. This helps reinforce the skin barrier. Applying soy means that your skin loses less moisture and stays hydrated.


Adding soy to your skincare routine can help your skin retain its radiance and glow. Soy can help you tackle hyperpigmentation and sunspots, leaving you with a younger-looking complexion.

Is soy suitable for your skin? The skincare experts at Vinci Aesthetics can help you assess the suitability of all new skin products. Secure your complimentary appointment by getting in touch today!


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