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Ways To Brighten Your Skin So That It Looks Younger Longer

Ways To Brighten Your Skin So That It Looks Younger Longer

There is no denying the fact that as the weather cools and transitions from summer to autumn and eventually winter, your skin bears the brunt of the change. Often, the change is so brutal you have no choice but to watch as your glowing complexion loses its lustre and becomes dull. Naturally, you may be wondering how to keep your skin glowing through the seasons. There’s excellent news in store for you in this blog. You will learn how a few changes to your skincare routine will help restore radiance in your skin in no time at all. 

TIP #1: Choose Glycolic Acid For Bright Skin

There is no better skin brightening ingredient on the market today than glycolic acid. It’s found in facial cleansers or brightening creams. Pick a scrub cleanser which has gentle micro-pearls and glycolic acid which will exfoliate dullness and impurities from your skin. The result is more radiant skin with even tone, texture and clarity. Daily peel pads which contain glycolic acid also excel at resurfacing dull skin to reveal fresh skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

TIP #2: Regular Exfoliation Smoother Skin

Overexposure to the elements, the buildup of dead skin cells and acne plus other skin conditions does take a toll on your skin. Don’t despair just yet because there’s an easy way to give your skin a boost. Exfoliation holds the secret to smoother skin, and you don’t need a lot to achieve that silky appearance. 

Exfoliating your skin about three times a week will help polish away dull skin. Look for exfoliating products which contain sugar, coffee grounds or kiwi seeds provide the abrasive agent of a good scrub. A good exfoliation resurfaces tired skin, eliminates signs of fatigue, leaving skin looking more refined and smoother. 

TIP #3: Tone And Brighten Your Skin With A Face Mask

The right face mask has the power to brighten your complexion. Charcoal and pure clay masks have a way of sucking up any impurities off your skin, leaving the skin clean and rebalanced. It is an ideal remedy for dull and tired-looking skin and is very simple to use. Apply on clean, dry skin and leave on for between ten and fifteen minutes, then rinse off. Aim to use a mask on your face about three times a week. If it’s a pure, even and radiant complexion you’re after, then make a face mask part of your skincare regime. 

TIP #4: Discover The Power Of Vitamin C Serum

If you have already embraced the first three tips then accepting the next tip and taking action shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Choosing the perfect serum for ageing skin is an essential part of keeping wrinkles at bay. If you’re fighting forehead wrinkles, then pick a Vitamin C rich serum that will target the wrinkles and brighten your complexion at the same time.

TIP #5: Banish The Dark Circles

Dark circles always appear when you least expect them. Lose a night sleep, and you will find under-eye shadows instantly change the way your face looks. A brightening eye cream will help if extra sleep doesn’t seem to make a difference. There are a variety of anti-ageing eye brightening products on the market which work to blur and correct dark circles instantly. You’ll be amazed at how brightening the skin around the eye area will give you a healthier, younger-looking complexion within a short time. 

TIP #6: Skin Hydration Is Essential

As the temperature drops, your skin loses more moisture and will become dry and dull. Choose a moisturiser containing glycolic acid but make sure you tailor it to your skin type. If you have normal or oily skin, pick a moisturiser with a unique formulation suited to your skin. Hyaluronic acid and aloe vera are vital components to check for when selecting a moisturiser. Of course, it goes without mention that drinking enough water hydrates your body and your skin cells too. 

TIP #7: Sun Protection Always

A conversation about skincare is incomplete without talking about sun protection. A broad-spectrum sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful UV rays, but it can also brighten up your skin for that dazzling appearance many seek. Choose a broad-spectrum high SPF product which not just offers sun protection but also contains other essential ingredients. An SPF 30 sunscreen which contains hyaluronic acid, pro-retinol and vitamin C will help reduce wrinkles while brightening up your skin all in under one week of use. 

Need Help With Fighting Wrinkles?

Now that you know all about brightening up your skin and improving tone and texture via your skincare regime, what if that’s not enough for you. Perhaps you are struggling with forehead wrinkles which won’t shift. Or is it the lack of volume in your cheeks that’s giving you sleepless nights? Well, there’s an answer for that at Vinci Aesthetics Clinic. We can help you find the right aesthetic treatment to meet your needs. Get in touch and book a consultation where you can tell us all about what you’d like to achieve. With a range of non-surgical procedures on offer, we can help restore the look you desire.


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