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What Is Tear Trough Filler Treatment?

A tear trough is a shallow crease running from the bottom of the eyelid and the top of the cheek. It might throw a shadow underneath your eyes, making you look weary. Many individuals believe that their tear troughs give them an older appearance. In some people, they can be genetic features. They can also become more visible with age. That’s because when you get old, your facial tissues shed volume.

Tear trough fillers, like other forms of face fillers, have benefits and drawbacks. Thus, before undergoing therapy, it’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the procedure and any possible problems. It’s a non-invasive face rejuvenation procedure, the purpose of which is to lessen the complexity of a tear trough. It works by injecting the dermal filler into the skin area, making it appear bigger and firmer.

Understanding Tear Trough Fillers

While it may seem like eye filler suddenly appeared in the world of cosmetics the minute Katy Perry admitted to using it, the truth is that it has been a celebrity secret for years. Specialists know it as the filler that achieves what lotions and makeup can’t: it softens the eye bags by filling in the hole that grows deeper with time.

It’s simple to see why filler has become popular. It’s also easy to see the risk using it involves given the closeness of the tear trough to the eyes. Read on to find out more.

What Exactly Are Tear Trough Fillers?

A tear trough filler is an injectable treatment done below the eyes. Its goal is to increase volume in the area behind the eyelids. Although different components may be employed, the most commonly used solution is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like material found in the human body. It promotes fullness and reduces dents when injected into the skin.

Are You A Good Candidate For Tear Trough Treatment?

Before deciding to have the procedure, you should visit your doctor to evaluate whether you’re a good fit for the treatment. If you have recurrent dark spots under your eyes, you may not be an ideal candidate.

Tear trough filler works best for patients with modest fatty deposits or petering in their tear trough. These are largely genetically inherited and can affect both young and old alike. Tear troughs can emerge or worsen over time as collagen fibres wear down, causing the face to droop.

What Are The Things You Should Consider?

Tear trough filler may improve your appearance, but it’s crucial to remember that the procedure may be risky because of its closeness to the eyes. Furthermore, the area surrounding the eye is one of the most difficult in which to create a natural outcome, as the filler is put over the bone and beneath the muscle while avoiding any veins.  The filler won’t eliminate the sunken look, but it will help improve it.

The price of a tear trough filler varies depending on where you live and on your condition. Before the procedure, your aesthetician will perform an assessment. The consultation allows them to determine the best treatment option for you.

Selecting A Specialist

Tear trough filler is not a procedure to take lightly and must be done by a qualified and trained medical practitioner at a healthcare centre. Do your research but don’t go on a discount quest; make quality and safety your top priorities. Your doctor should tell you everything you need to know about the adverse reactions, hazards and necessary maintenance.

What Can You Expect?

To prevent infection, avoid wearing makeup for the rest of the day. The pain following the procedure is situational and varies from individual to individual. You should plan to go home and rest after your treatment just in case you experience discomfort.

Some people may experience a bit of post-op inflammation. If this occurs and doesn’t disappear after ten days, you should contact your doctor. The results of the procedure should last up to twelve months depending on your facial structure and how fast your body destroys the filler.


Tear trough fillers could be a solution if you develop deep grooves beneath your eyes, although it’s probably not suitable for those with blemished skin or existing medical concerns. The procedure is considered safe, but only a certified aesthetician can advise you of your suitability for the treatment. Results of the procedure are not permanent, and it may need to be repeated every year or two.

For expert and professional aesthetics treatments, including tear trough filler and other anti-ageing procedures, get in touch with Vinci Aesthetics. Take advantage of our offer of a complimentary consultation to speak to an aesthetician about your skincare needs today!


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