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What Is The Difference Between Eye Serum And Eye Cream?

Which to choose, eye serum or eye cream?  It’s a perplexing question for people seeking relief from under-eye bags, dark spots, skin discolouration and fine lines. It’s the same conundrum for people who wish to prevent the emergence of ageing indicators on their faces.

These difficulties highlight the fact that there are thousands of skincare products on the market nowadays, so it’s often hard to know what to use on your skin.

Everything You Need To Know About Eye Serums And Eye Creams

Possibly, you’re one of those who have wondered about the difference between eye serums and eye cream. In this section, we’ll distinguish between the two so that you can decide which is better for your skin.

What Is Eye Serum?

Eye serum has highly concentrated active ingredients that will soak into the area around your eyes. Although eye serums aren’t as popular as eye creams, many believe that will change as their benefits become more widely known. This generation of skincare-product users seems to be acutely aware of anti-ageing and other issues, so it won’t be long before word gets around.

Don’t discard your eye cream just yet, however, as you’ll need it to ensure the serum works effectively. Since eye serum consists of small molecules, a heavier cream is required to bind it deeply into the skin.

What Is Eye Cream?

Eye creams hydrate or alleviate issues around your eyes. Your eyelids are incredibly delicate and vulnerable, and fine wrinkles, sensitivities and dryness are common problems. Early use of a good eye cream could aid in the prevention of these problems.

Eye creams also help prevent dehydration and puffiness. If you’re still young, begin with a light-textured cream. If your eyes are dehydrated, however, you might want to consider using a rich cream. Be mindful that some eye creams are overly rich or heavy for the delicate skin around your eyes and might cause milia.

How Should Eye Creams And Serums Be Used?

Since eye serums and eye creams include different essential ingredients, they function in different ways. When applying eye cream, start by lightly rubbing it into the areas around your eye, being careful to avoid the actual eye itself. It may take up to fifteen minutes for the cream to completely penetrate. Make sure you don’t rub any product off your skin or use anything else that could interfere with the process.

When using eye serums, place a small amount on your hand and lightly tap around the eye area with your fingertips. You can also apply other lotions when the product has soaked in, which should take only a minute or two.

Eye Cream Versus Eye Serum

There are many commonalities between eye serums and creams regarding moisturising components and nutritional advantages. However, the distinctions below will help you select the one best suited to your needs.


Texture is, perhaps, the most distinguishable attribute between the two. Eye creams are thicker and heavier because of the high proportion of fats and oils they contain against their low liquid content. On the other hand, eye serums are high in liquid and flow practically as freely as water.


You’ll notice that the ingredients in eye serum and cream vary if you check the packaging of your skincare products. An eye serum’s active components are robust. They fight free radicals and slow down the ageing process. An eye cream’s ingredients, on the other hand, are designed to soothe the eyes, reduce puffiness and hydrate the area.

Mode Of Action

These two products work in entirely different ways. Eye creams provide shallow skin treatment and are typically used for hydration to keep the eye area moisturised and smooth. However, because of the greater molecule size of the compounds, penetration into the skin is constrained.

Eye serums, on the other hand, are rich in active ingredients designed to be completely absorbed by your skin. These active compounds have a tiny molecular size which means they work faster beneath the epidermis.


Eye creams are usually inexpensive, but they need to be applied in greater quantities, as most of the ingredients are fillers or fat molecules. Eye serums, in contrast, are more expensive, but their ultra-concentrated vitamins, nutrients and collagen-boosting proteins go deeper into the skin and are effective in smaller amounts. Serums may last longer, therefore.


Both eye creams and eye serums are effective, but eye serums may be the way to go if you want to get more bang for your buck. Eye creams are good for moisturising and keeping your skin hydrated, while eye serums dive deeper and usually have more active ingredients. If it’s a quick moisturising boost you’re after, go with the eye cream, but if you’re tackling more stubborn problems like wrinkles, discolouration or drooping, then eye serum is the best choice.

Whether you’re wondering about the best treatment for your skin or need help choosing skincare products, Vinci Aesthetics can help. Get in touch with us today and book your free consultation for professional skincare advice you can rely on!


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