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What You Need To Know About Jade Rolling

The abundance and diversity of many skincare tools tend to confuse even the most knowledgeable beauty experts. With a wide selection of facial massage wands, microneedles, facial rollers and other skincare devices, it can be tricky to pick one to add to your collection.

You’ve probably seen beauty tips and advice from influencers on social media. And one beauty tool that’s been the subject of many posts is the jade roller. It is touted online, especially on popular video platforms, as a miracle cure for almost everything, from puffy skin to improving circulation. It’s been a hot topic of conversation, which makes you wonder whether it’s indeed an incredible skincare tool or just the latest overhyped product.

What Is Jade Rolling And How Does It Work?

Skincare tools aren’t always considered the number one solution to skin issues. Some of these products may not even be worth trying and don’t offer good value for your money. Others, to be fair, do more than advertised.

When it comes to using jade rollers, many people wonder, “Are they beneficial for your skin, and do they deliver what they promise?” Here are some facts that could help keep you in the loop regarding the wonders of this skincare tool.

Jade Rollers As Complementary Skincare Tools

A jade roller is a small gadget made from rose quartz or jade. Depending on what type you’ve got, it could come as a paint roller-style tool or with two rollerballs. The larger stone is ideal for the forehead, jaw and cheeks, whereas the smaller one is for the eyes and mouth area. Anyone who enjoys a facial massage can benefit from this product, as it boosts your circulation as well as toning and lifting your complexion. When added to your beauty routine, using a jade roller can ease tension and promote healthy skin.

The Wonders Of Facial Massage

If you store the jade roller in your refrigerator, you’ll enjoy a soothing facial massage experience when the cold stone comes in contact with your face. You may use your jade roller with a moisturiser or oil if you want to make sure your skin absorbs the skincare product more fully.

Massaging your face can reinvigorate your skin and give it a vibrant glow. It also enhances blood circulation on your face, resulting in tighter-looking and brighter skin. Additionally, you’ll get quick relief from stuffy nasal infections, as it has been deemed helpful for clearing your sinuses.

Under-eye issues, like eye bags and puffiness, are also not a huge problem anymore. By simply rolling the tool over the area, you’ll stimulate your lymphatic drainage, the system responsible for filtering your body’s toxins and waste. It means your lymph nodes can better drain excess fluid from the face with the right amount of pressure applied.

Starting A New Skincare Routine

A jade roller is not difficult to use and can be operated in many ways, but it’s best if you go for the typical technique: rolling it on clean skin. For best results, avoid rolling it back and forth. Instead, start from your neck and jawline, moving towards your ear (do both sides) before targeting the jaw and cheekbone. Once you reach the forehead, roll up towards the temples, again using an upward motion only.

Always keep the pressure at a gentle level so that you don’t tug or pull on your skin, as that can be a contributory factor in the development of wrinkles. Don’t forget your eyebrows; roll the tool flat over both in a horizontal motion. This can be particularly comforting if you have a headache. 

Caring For Your Skin And Skincare Companion

Before testing out the jade roller on your skin, you should at least know which skincare products are good to use with it. For starters, you can pair pretty much any beauty serum that has anti-inflammatory properties. While the jade roller reduces puffy areas and promotes a healthy glow, the serum maximises its effects on your skin for a more desirable outcome.

More importantly, what shouldn’t you pair with your jade roller? Well, if you’re keen to keep the stone for a long time without damaging it, best not use any product containing glycolic acid or lactic acid. Also, any products with alpha-hydroxy acids or beta-hydroxy acids are no good since they can be harsh and irritating to your skin.

Keep your jade roller in a secure place after use but clean it first with a soft cloth. Next, use a gentle soap or a mild facial wash to wash away any bacteria sticking to the stone, then rinse with lukewarm water. Never immerse your facial tool in hot water, as it damages the stone.


If you’re up for trying out skincare tools that claim to improve your skin, then the jade roller is well worth a try. Aside from its beauty benefits, it’s a great tool if you want to feel relaxed and are in the mood to pamper yourself.

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