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You Should Know This About Sodium Hyaluronate!

The skincare industry has grown so much in recent years, and brands and products just keep getting better. So do the consumers! With so many brands and products popping up here and there, consumers have become more educated about how a particular product affects their skin.

However, maintaining your skincare routine is challenging in itself, so you might not even bother to read about every ingredient found in your favourite serum or moisturiser. You might assume that the products have the same ingredients, even when they come from a different brand. But if you want your skincare routine to succeed, then it’s time to make reading a part of it.

One ingredient you’ll probably see on the label of your favourite products is sodium hyaluronate. For non-chemists, the name might not mean too much, but once you get to know the fantastic benefits of this ingredient to your skin, you’ll not forget it in a hurry. Also called hyaluronic acid (HA), sodium hyaluronate is a naturally occurring acid found in human skin. For the skincare industry, it’s the ultimate moisturiser.

What Is Sodium Hyaluronate?

Sodium hyaluronate is water-soluble salt that comes from HA. Since it is in salt form, this ingredient is more stable and less likely to oxidise. Sodium hyaluronate has smaller molecules than HA, making it able to move through and penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. You can consider this ingredient to be the holy grail of hydration, as it can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water.

Sodium hyaluronate has many advantages. As a skincare ingredient, it works well with moisturisers and is known for its excellent hydrating properties. It can bind with water molecules and draw water into the cells, making your skin look plump and hydrated. It can also replenish your skin and reduce dryness. Here’s a look at seven benefits of sodium hyaluronate.

Seven Benefits Of Sodium Hyaluronate

Combats Dry Skin

Since sodium hyaluronate is hydrophilic, it mixes easily with water. This ingredient works well with moisturisers, and when applied topically, it can attract moisture from the air into your skin cells. This process reduces the dryness and flaking of your skin and maintains its moisture by increasing your skin’s hydration.

Improves Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Through its incredible hydrating abilities, sodium hyaluronate can aid in wrinkle reduction. It keeps your skin supple, which prevents deep-set wrinkles from forming. The sweet plumping action that comes with this ingredient can not only replace the lost moisture of your skin but also smooth out fine lines.

As you become older, your body will naturally lose its ability to produce HA. With the help of sodium hyaluronate, you can keep your skin looking youthful. You can do this by using sodium hyaluronic-containing products to replenish your skin with supplements and serums.

Helps In Wound-Healing Process

Sodium hyaluronate has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in proper wound healing. If you are worried about acne, this ingredient will prevent your skin from scarring. Studies have also shown that products with sodium hyaluronate can speed up the wound-healing process when applied topically.

Soothes Skin Irritation And Inflammation

Those with sensitive skin benefit most from sodium hyaluronate, as it’s a non-irritating ingredient. It usually comes in a gel formulation that helps in maintaining a healthy moisture barrier. If your skin’s moisture barrier is compromised, you may experience irritated and dry skin. Sodium hyaluronate calms your skin and keeps it hydrated for long periods.

Lightweight Formulation

If you have a breakout-prone complexion, you should opt for products with a lightweight formulation. Sodium hyaluronate has lighter molecules that penetrate deeper into your skin. It does not have the heaviness of other topical applications, even with regular applications

Best For Oily Or Congestive Complexion

The incredible hydrating properties of sodium hyaluronate help balance out your skin’s overactive sebaceous oil glands. The overproduction of sebum is just your skin’s attempt to compensate for excess dryness, but too much oil in your skin can eventually lead to breakouts, something you’d rather avoid.

Reduces The Signs Of Ageing

Various studies have shown that sodium hyaluronate protects the body’s collagen synthesis. This ingredient helps decrease epidermal water loss, usually caused by low humidity and too much sun exposure. This process means that sodium hyaluronate reduces the signs of ageing naturally.


It’s good to use trusted skincare brands and products recommended to you by a medical professional. Still, it’s wise to know what those products contain. Sodium hyaluronate is one of the ingredients you’ll commonly find in your favourite skincare product. Now that you’re a more educated consumer, you’re sure to enjoy the full benefits this ingredient has for your skin.

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